Beige Bordem

One of my greatest anticipations with buying a new home is being able to paint! I have always loved bright colors and have spent the last 5 years in beige rooms – 3 in dorm-rooms, 1 in an apartment, and 1 in the house we are currently renting. SO BORING! I thought a great way … Continue reading

Lucky Number 7?!?

For whatever reason, blogging seems easier when I have something exciting to talk about. Well I have something new and exciting for sure. Shane and I are in the process of buying our first home! I waited until now to blog about it because we didn’t want everyone’s advice. No offense or anything, we just … Continue reading

Halloween and Other Things

I need to get back into the swing of it if I’m actually going to do this blog thing. So this blog is going to be a few things that have been going on lately that I could have blogged about but hadn’t gotten around to. First off, I love Halloween and its hard not to … Continue reading

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

I found this recipe on the Food Network’s list of 25 Most Pinned Recipes on Pinterest. Here’s the link to the recipe if you decide to try it yourself! I first tried this recipe with Erin and Colleen while visiting Erin at grad school. We actually got the vegetables from the farmers market that morning … Continue reading

Embracing My New Monogram

I was unhappy about having to change my last name. You live with the same name for 22 years and after a 20 minute ceremony all of the sudden something that seems to define you has changed. I guess my definition has changed too since I’m now married hence the new last name. Throughout middle and … Continue reading

Our Honeymoon

Weddings are exhausting and even when you think they’re over they aren’t. I’m finally catching up on life and getting back into my routine. I’m cleaning my house regularly again and MOST decorations have found homes with other people. I thought that since the rest of my life is on track now I can start … Continue reading

That Magical Number

So I finally hit that magical number and have officially lost 20.4 pounds. My goal was 20 pounds before the wedding and I finally made it. And just in the nick of time. I’m sure I’ll over do it on the honeymoon considering we have The Lady and Sons and Uncle Bubba’s on our Savannah … Continue reading

Less than a Week Until my Wedding

The stress is finally starting to subside. After Shane’s Aunt Donna Facebook messaged me yesterday I’ve finally started to realize that this day is for Shane and I and not really anyone else. It’s funny how it takes someone telling you that to realize it. Donna had told me she hoped I could stop stressing … Continue reading